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we create robotic defense
Robots, who save...

Our mission

iTrend Company develops and produces special-purpose tracked machines in the defence sphere and military service on demand.
Our unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) perform the most dangerous jobs in every corner of the globe. It helps the military, firefighters, special forces soldiers and other professionals.
The TrackReitar DEF platform is the backbone of our Modular Autonomous Vehicle (MAV) - the end device can be adapted to perform reconnaissance tasks, combat operations, red herring, ammunition delivery, or the wounded's evacuation.
As a standalone product, it is also optimized for the battlefields of the future, where fleets of unmanned aerial vehicles and ground vehicles are expected to work together, sharing situational awareness and each pursuing their own combat objectives. People will always be aware, but the growing exploitation of autonomy and unmanned vehicles will make it possible not to expose people to dangerous situations - to save human lives!

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